The tepedarium is a regeneration bath of Roman type.

Thanks to the ergonomically shaped couches the stay in the tepidarium is not limited by time and exposure to its vitalizing and beneficial effect can last for hours.

Inside a tepidarium, the radiating heat is much more pleasant and relaxing in compariston to a sauna. The temperature and the humidity levels are not very high, they are kept at low or medium levels, slightly above the temperature of the human body, ranging between 37 and 39° degrees. Tepidarium is not a sweating room like sauna and there is no steam. It is a relaxation room with mild heat and heated beds. In the tepidarium you can lie on the heated beds and relax or meditate. Floors and walls are made of specific materials of ceramic tiles that conduct heat well. A visit to the tepidarium must last at least 30 minutes in order that its positive effects fully unfold.

Tepidarium health benefits

The main benefit from visiting a tepidarium is the general sense of well-being that it provides along with the soothing effect on the body, mind and soul. It helps the muscles to relax and the mind to unwind.
Moreover, the use of a tepidarium is considered to help in the handling of every day stress. Also it helps the body to recover after an illness and strengthens the immune system.
At some spas, the tepidarium is recommended as a first step before entering the conventional sauna.
Inside a tepidarium the atmosphere is mild and dry and for those who find the heat in the saunas too unpleasant, it is a perfect choice to switch off for a while.