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About us

Green Life Development & Resorts is an investment company with 14 years of history. It offers two basic types of services. One is a sale of holiday properties and the other is tourist services and accommodation in the company-managed complexes in Sozopol, Bansko and Pamporovo. The company builds and sells apartments in Sozopol and Pomorie. All construction projects are located in key locations, built with extremely high quality, a beautiful design and modern interior. The buildings are positioned among a high percentage of green areas, according to the highest standards of ecological construction. The concept follows the company’s green policy, which includes ongoing care for landscaping and enrichment of plant species. Green Life Development & Resorts approached with care for environmental protection – a value set in the name of the company. So customers and guests get a comfortable and beautiful environment for their vacation. Green Life Development & Resorts offers attractive holiday properties for both family vacation and investment as they promise guaranteed rental income. Green Life Development & Resorts is a symbol of successful growth. In its strategy, the company relies on long-term planning and flexibility. The company has enjoyed steady growth even in the years when the tourist market has suffered a serious downturn. This stable positioning is undoubtedly a result of the high quality of the services offered and the satisfied guests and buyers. And the balance between the interests of the business, the buyer, and the conservation of nature. Green Life Development & Resorts supports various social, cultural and sports initiatives. General sponsor of “Apolonia” – the art festivals in Sozopol. He also participated in many significant exhibitions, including “Bolgarski Dom”, “Salon Real Estate” in Moscow, as well as tourist exhibitions in London, Berlin, Moscow and Istanbul.

Mission and Vision

Green Life Development and Resorts offers luxurious and functional holiday and residential complexes, located in the first class Bulgarian Ski and Sea coast resorts, which traditionally attract a great tourist flow and are an attractive and highly liquid investment. The terrain on which we build each holiday village is selected after careful market research in the relevant segment as well as an assessment of the investment potential.

Main objectives

The dwellings in our complexes are addressed to the requirements of customers from different nationalities and with different budgets. With us, they can find a suitable new home, as life-style investors who want to both use a home, but also rent it for profit, as well as portfolio investors looking for a quick return on the amounts invested in the green property. We sell more than 90% of the apartments before completing our projects, and on average from the start of the sales to the completion of the property, the market price of the apartments in it increases by about 15%. All this in combination with our honesty and the desire to meet the requirements of the particular client makes us a reliable and authoritative partner for our clients and subcontractors.

Business ethics and responsible civic behavior

Green Life Property Development offers a building product and customer service at the highest level, our primary goal is to support and enforce business ethics. Identity of professional, correct and stable partners, respecting high responsibility and always supporting their clients. An essential place in the business life of our company is the preservation of the beauty of Bulgarian nature. Responsible behavior that we follow involves the use of advanced construction equipment that reduces noise and keeps the construction site clean.

In harmony with nature

Each of our projects and investments are inspired by the beauty of the nature and richness of the natural environment in Bulgaria. Observing and respecting the natural integrity are key to each of our projects. Protecting the environment is much more than just a goal. It is a duty and a daily effort. This is the cornerstone of each laid foundation and each built object.
Aesthetics and the use of a building have long-lasting effects on the environment. As an investor in real estate, we take our responsibility for the future and act in line with the company’s core principle, “To create the future in harmony with nature.”

Because being consistent in our actions is much more than character and style. To be consistent means to be ourselves and to follow that identity that has made us a leader in the construction and investment business.


Nikolay Pehlivanov

Founder and owner of the
Green Life Development and Resorts

Nikolay Pehlivanov is the owner of Green Life Development and Resorts, part of which is the Green Life Development and Resorts, and Green Life Resorts specializing in tourism services management.

Jordan Kuvandjiev

Executive Director of Green Life Resorts

Jordan Kuvandjiev joins the Green Life Resorts team in 2016. Prior to joining the team, the company occupied various positions in the field of tourism and hotel accommodation.

At Green Life Resorts he is responsible for the development of the hotel’s business, including Green Life Beach Resort Sozopol, Green Life Resort Bansko, and Green Life Family Apartments Pamporovo. In addition to managing the complexes, Orco, a property management company part of Green Life Development and Resorts, is also included in the portfolio. Jordan Kuvandjie has graduated from the “Hotel Management” at the University of Portsmouth.